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afegu??arding peace," said Sun at the closing ceremony. "This Games h??ave showcased the spirits of the military personnel, which upho??ld perseverance, challenging limits and striving for better. Th??is Games are full of wonders and achievements and are set to le??ave China's marks in its hiN

05/20 rganization of the Games and the perfor??mances of worldwide athlew

story," she added. According to Sun??, seven world records had been set and 85 International Militar??y Sports Commission (CISM) afl

tes. "We hU
10/28 ave experienced a successfu??l, wonderful and unforgettable milita4

filiated records had been broken h??ere in the tournament, as athletes rated it as a high-level int??ernational event, which feature

ry games i8
05/15 n the lastest 10?? days. This is a military gala of sharing friendK

ed 67 Olympic and world champions??. After 10-day competitions, host China collected 133 golds an??d 239 medals in total, the firstB

ship and sq

time for a country to grab 100?? plus golds. The traditional powerhouse Russia obtained 51 goldR

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